Fuck (Oli Sykes)

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Inspired by the song Fuck, by Bring me the Horizon. Lyrics here.

(PS, all of these ‘inspired-by-songs imagines’ are my interpretation of the song. If it means something different to you, fine, great, just please don’t send me hate for a different opinion. Thanks, xx)

(PPS, I fucking love this song, holy shit ily anon <33)


I threw all my weight into pushing him against the side of the bus, grinding my hips hard against his. I ran my fingers over and over again through his hair, knotting it in my hands, and pressing my body against his. Oli moaned softly into our heated kiss and pulled his lips from mine. One of his hands left my ass and dug furiously in his back pocket for the keys. I moved my lips down to his neck and began sucking and kissing there, nibbling his sweet spot once I found it.

Oliver let out a low growl of relief and anticipation as he found the keys and grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the door of the bus. With shaking hands, he unlocked it and we both hurried inside. I squeezed his crotch once through his jeans, smirking at his hardening length, as he fumbled with the lock.

I slipped out of my heels and hurried toward the back lounge. I heard a low sound from Oli, half growl half chuckle, and looked over my shoulder to find him following me, his eyes dark with lust.

The couch in the back had already been pulled out into a bed, complete with sheets and pillows. An unpleasant thought crossed my mind; I wondered briefly what random whore he had brought here the night before. My heart sank just a little as I realized that someone else would probably be wondering the same thing the next night, but this time, I would be the random whore.

I pushed these thoughts from my mind as I felt Oli’s hands snake around my waist to my stomach, his lips and teeth and tongue attacking my neck. I moaned and tilted my head back, giving him more access to the sensitive skin there. His hands moved up to my breasts and cupped them in his inked hands, squeezing them and earning a whimper from me.

I forced myself from his grip and turned, grabbing a fistful of his shirt in one hand. I pulled him close to me and took his bottom lip between my teeth, running my tongue over it before crashing my lips to his, his tongue pushing it’s way around mine. My free hand trailed lower and lower until I traced lightly over his package. He squeezed my ass in his strong hands and in response, I squeezed him.

His breathing hitched and I took the opportunity to push him down onto the bed. Oli sat on the edge, leaning forward hungrily, and gripped my hips in his hands, pulling me closer. Before he could kiss me again, I reached down for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Oli hummed appreciatively and a smirk crossed his slightly swollen lips.

"We haven’t got long," I mumbled, unbuttoning the last button on his shirt and helping him shrug out of it and toss it to the side.

"We’ve got enough," he replied huskily, pulling me roughly into his lap and falling back on the bed, rolling on top. He undid his belt and yanked off his black jeans, discarding them both on the floor. Oli slipped his arm under my back and lifted me just enough to easily unclasp my bra. I slid the straps down my arms and it joined the rest of our clothes in a heap at the foot of the pull-out.

I moaned and twisted the sheets in my hands, arching my body as Oli trailed wet, sloppy kisses down my neck and chest and stomach to the hem of my jeans. He feverishly pulled off both my pants and panties, leaning back only for a few seconds to admire my naked body, keeping my hands pinned against the bed.

Oli returned his eyes to me. They were large with hunger, and I knew mine were just as wide. Without any further hesitation, Oliver kissed me again, making me dizzy. I arched my body up, needing contact with him, aching for him to touch my soaked core. But Oli continued pinning my hands, and he had me legs with his.

"Oli, fuck, please."

"Please what?" He growled against my lips, one hand trailing slowly down my chest to where I needed him most.

"Goddamnit Oli," I whined. I would not be reduced to begging.

He smirked and hovered over me, keeping both of my hands in just one of his and watching me squirm as he ever so lightly traced his finger up and down my slit. I moaned and whimpered and whined, needing more, so  much more.

"Fucking hell Oliver, come on," I groaned, my voice cracking.

"Beg for it."

I whined in protest and he began to slowly climb off of me. “Oliver, no, fuck, just fuck me.”

He leaned down close to me ear and whispered, “Beg.”

His voice alone had such an effect on me; my heart skipped a beat, goosebumps appeared on my naked skin, knots twisted tighter in my stomach. Oli watched me squirm and writhe among the tangle of sheets, obviously enjoying what he was doing to me.

"Alright, alright. Goddamn it Oliver, I want you so damn bad. Please, please just fuck me already."

"Hmm." Oliver teasingly rubbed his tip along my slit.

"Fucking… Oh god, Oli goddamn it. Fuck me right now, fuck me so hard I scream your name and forget my own. For god’s sake, let’s fuck already, please.”

"FUCK!" I screamed as Oli thrust into me hard, making my back come up off the bed and my lips formed an "O". I fell back against the bed, tangled in the sheets as Oli circled his hips, sunken deep inside of me.

When the initial pain of stretching around his huge length eventually ebbed away to pleasure, I groaned loudly, arching up to meet him. Oli flipped us over so I was on top. I steadied myself with my hands on his chest and he took a firm hold of my hips, digging his nails into the sensitive skin there.

I circled my hips and we both let out a small moan. I sat up on my knees, pulling myself off of him almost completely. I met his eyes and he thrust up to meet me as I slammed myself down, screaming his name as he filled me completely.

Oli guided my hips and met me thrust for thrust, flipping us back over when the movements grew sloppy on my part. He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and attacked my breasts, one with his hand and the other with his mouth.

"Oli, fuck I’m close, don’t stop."

He lifted me up off the bed and pulled out of me, much to my dismay. I gasped as he threw me up against the wall of the bus and immediately slammed himself back into me. I twisted my fingers in his hair and threw my head back as he found my spot. “Fuck!” I screamed as the knot in my stomach unraveled and my body shook with the intense orgasm.

Oli kissed and sucked on my neck slowly, nibbling there, and rubbing his hands over my back, sides, and thighs, as I slowly came down from my high. When I had caught my breath, he murmured against my neck and made me lose it once again. “On your knees,” he said, pushing me back onto the pull-out bed.

I stretched out my arms and gripped the sheets in my hands, sticking my ass up in the air and spreading my knees. I felt the bed sink down a little as he appeared behind me and grabbed my hips. He trailed two fingers across my slit and I shivered. He lined himself up and pushed into me, grabbing onto my hair and pulling.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

"Say my name," he growled darkly.

"Oli," I moaned.


"Oliver! Fuck!" I gasped as he found my g-spot. Oli continued slamming into me, hitting me right there almost every time.

"Can’t fucking hear you."

"OLIVER FUCKING SYKES!" I screamed and he slapped my ass, the pain and surprise only adding to the pleasure. His hand circled around to my stomach and his fingers found their way to my clit. I lost it when he started rubbing it.

I whimpered and gasped and moaned as my walls clenched around his member and he continued thrusting, helping me ride out my orgasm. My fingers curled around the sheets with white knuckles and my body twitched as I gasped for air, squeezing my eyes tightly shut as waves of bliss overtook my body.

But Oli wasn’t done. He pulled out of me and I rolled onto my back. He hovered over me and I took his throbbing dick in my hands, sitting up and guiding it to my lips. It didn’t take long before I felt him twitch in my mouth and he tangled his fingers in my hair.

"Fuck, YN," he groaned as he came in my mouth. I scraped my nails up and down his sides and back as he did so.

"Swallow." I did and licked my lips, collapsing back onto the bed with a breathless sigh. Oli fell down next to me and we both stared up at the bus ceiling as we caught our breath.

"I love you," he whispered. My heart skipped a few beats at his voice, and then it sank. This was the third time we had hooked up like this. The last time was months ago, and even though we hadn’t talked since then, I had missed him everyday. But it wasn’t love, not for either of us.

"No you don’t, you’re drunk."

"I’m not. I love you."

He snaked his arm under my waist and turned toward me, pulling me closer. “It’s all in your head,” I mumbled softly, my voice breaking just barely.

"Tell me," he said, his lips close to mine. "those three little words."

I wanted to. I wanted to so bad. I wanted to love him and tell him I loved him. But I didn’t. We barely knew each other. I kissed his forehead softly and rolled out of his grasp. “I should go.”

Wrong words, I thought.

I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped into my bra and panties, looking around for my clothes. He grabbed my wrist. “How can you say goodbye? We’ve hardly said hello,” he murmured.

I sighed and pulled on the rest of my clothes. It was hard to leave, I didn’t want to. But it was best for both of us. “Bye Oli,” I whispered, turning my head from him just as the tears began to appear.

And I left.

~A <3